Virtual Birth Doula Services

Whether you don’t have access to Birth Doulas in your area or you and your partner want your birth to be intimate and limit the number of people in attendance, our Virtual Birth Doula services can help support, encourage and guide you and your partner! We can help educate you on your choices and also help guide you during your labor and birth and the first 2 weeks of your postpartum period.

Birth Doula package includes:

  • Free 30 minute initial consultation via Skype, google hangout or phone
  • 2 prenatal meetings to discuss options during your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum via phone, google hangout or phone
  • Available via phone and text with any questions regarding your labor and birth experience from 21 weeks until 2 weeks after birth
  • Help creating your birth plan
  • 24/7 on call support from 38 weeks gestation until baby is born
  • Phone call availability during labor to help assist with birth options, answer questions and help deciding when it is time to go to your hospital or birth center (video chat is also available if you prefer)
  • 1  postpartum meeting to talk through birth story and ask postpartum questions that you may have

Cost: $800 (Payment plans available)

A La Carte Services

If you would rather have a Doula that you can call on for reference and to ask specific questions you can opt for our A La Carte Virtual Doula Services. These particular calls are scheduled and the topics that you would like to discuss should be provided before hand so that we make sure we have all of the necessary information to answer your questions thoroughly.

Virtual Birth Doula Services Menu:

Services Include: guidance with birth plan, discussion of labor and birth options, creating your birth environment and discussing induction options just to name a few! All information is evidence based.
  • One 30-minute call: $45
  • One 60-minute call: $85
  • Three 60 minute call Package: $240
  •  Six 55 minute Call Package: $480

Virtual Postpartum Doula Services Menu:

Services include: breastfeeding support, comfort measures, information on paced feedings, cloth diapering guidance, baby-wearing support and so much more!
  • One 30-minute call: $45
  • One 60-minute call: $85
  • Three 60 minute call Package: $240

If you have any questions, please contact us here.