*Currently my childbirth education classes are only being offered privately in the clients home*

Taking a Childbirth Education Class is very important during pregnancy. It educates you on not only what is going on with your body but also what your options are during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Attending a childbirth education class truly does create so much more confidence and we all know that when you birth with confidence your birth goes smoother and is a much more enjoyable and positive experience!

Each class is tailored and designed to fit each clients needs/desires with regards to their desired childbirth experience and wants/needs. I offer personalized childbirth education classes because every single birth experience is different and each client’s needs are different as well.

Childbirth education classes help expectant parents learn about and prepare for labor and birth. I offer a 1 or 2 day intensive childbirth education class and I also offer a 4 week childbirth education class (2 hours once a week for 4 weeks). Although the private classes cater to your specific needs, the topics I usually cover are:

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum Hormones (What is happening to your body)
  • Normal Birth Process
  • Characteristics of Labor
  • Discovering Comfort Measures
  • Partners Role In Childbirth
  • Communicating Effectively with Your Health Care Provider
  • Creating Your Personal Birth Environment and Birth Plan
  • Stages of Labor  Birthing Your Baby
  • Learning about Variations (Medications, Inductions, Monitoring, etc…)
  • Cesarean Birth
  • The ABC’s of Breastfeeding
  • The Postpartum PeriodFees: The cost of these classes as follows:
    1 Day Intensive Class: $225
    2 Day Intensive Class: $250
    4 Week Series: $300

If you have any further questions about the childbirth education classes offered or the content in the classes, please call Melissa at (919) 902-0672 or email Melissa@peaceandserenitybirthing.com