Sibling Doula Services

Peace and Serenity understands the needs of your whole family-including siblings We provide you the reassurance and your children the support of a sibling doula. The sibling doula is on call for you and your children at 38 weeks.

While you are laboring at the hospital or home, the sibling Doula will provide constant supervision of your child/children for up to 12 hours.

We can provide an age appropriate explanation of birth at your request.

The sibling Doula helps your child/children prepare for the “coming home” of their new sibling through fun activities such as a coming home cake or craft.

After the new baby’s arrival, the sibling Doula can transporting your children to the place of birth.

Sibling Doula Pricing:

$750  (For up to 2 children. $350 due at the time of contract signing and $350 due at 36 weeks gestation). $100 for each additional child. $20 per hour for each hour past the 12 hour maximum. *If entire fee is paid in advance a discount of 5% will be given.

Peace and Serenity Birthing wants everyone to have the opportunity to work with a Doula. We can work with you on a sliding scale or payment plan based on your ability to pay for Doula services.